To be everything that would like To live all the fancies To carry through all the adventures vivadas in dreams To more reach all the idealized projects Fondness to be, to have more, to live something more the circumstances they do not allow, the religion many things forbids the adventures had been invented for that the dreams possess the extreme courage are ghosts of the unconscious one To want everything this, to live everything this, to be everything this and to live everything this in secret? Yes Little story of my dreams is possible private fancies the torn projects before nobody sees. A substance and two while still alive Alive what he is visible and Alive also what I only know Two people without nothing, absolutely nothing in common I am the same opposite of me, the times start to be to that only I know, ideas, thoughts, concepts, preconceptions Values, feelings and options the Real arrives to be extinguished, very does not show the one that came, Thinks before about the other what in same itself, It suffers for not knowing to magoar. It would imagine it bold, it is determined, alive, euphoric, the times it even though arrives to be egoistic, it possesss feelings that the Real abominates and lives without them without no guilt So different, so next. Exist situations where the two if join and form one third, this yes is that it is the one that really would have to exist and why does not exist? I did not say, but something exists that the two has Fear in common. I find is that all have this another occult half that if it only shows when it is convenient.