Folic Acid Supplement

Women who want to get pregnant or are already there, they sure know: folic acid. You should watch generally on a sufficient supply of this vitamin. Why folic acid in pregnancy is so important is an important time for the expectant mother and the new life pregnancy. The diet plays a major role at this stage, it has to be especially rich in vitamins. The doctors make sure that the pregnant woman gets much folic acid. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Anu Saad has to say.

Why just folic acid? You know very well the vitamin B group. It is responsible in particular for the cells. The cell formation and cell division and as a human life develops from a cell in the pregnant women, the support of cell functions is a positive property of folic acid. By folic acid, 0.8 mg per day, a better cell formation and cell division takes place. With time, more and more cells arise, new life continues to grow. When you consider that a man can have up to 100 billion cells, then it becomes clear, what a great Role played by folic acid for the human organism. Larger amounts in pregnancy pregnancy used folic acid supplements in large quantities.

When shopping, care should be taken so what foods contain much folic acid. There are special advisory points, extensively covering the food during pregnancy. You will know this that including the intestines, the liver during pregnancy should not be eaten. To do this, there is a good reason. And he would be another vitamin vitamin A. The scientists noted that this vitamin for the new life represents a certain danger. But you know Yes enough products that are very useful. Products with folic acid to the pregnancy should be plenty kale and Brussels sprouts, cherries and strawberries, spinach and salad, wheat germ and legumes, grapes and oranges, egg yolks and dairy products, meat, potatoes and rice are eaten. If you have a private garden, is just keep since any longer. Of course, also the season would have to fit. So, a fresh grape, which was plucked straight from the tree, has much more folic acid than one that was bought and already is on the tray. You can get also cherries and strawberries, spinach or salad from the garden. Always just so much to take, as you can eat, don’t leave, because that leads to the loss of folic acid. Loss of folate all of these products are therefore recommended in pregnancy, but you have to know that you edited it as little as possible. Folic acid can be quickly destroyed by the heat. It is best if you take to such products, which must not be cooked like spinach or salad. But there are still something that everyone should know. Long storage also not good for the folic acid. As you can see, the folic acid is quite sensitive. Folic acid be prescribed during pregnancy Folsauren preparations needed. Not always but, folic acid by certain succeeds Products to take. Most of the time, it is too little. That’s why pregnant women get prescribed folic acid by the doctor. To avoid mistakes, you must make sure it that really covered is the need for folic acid in pregnancy. Taking folic acid before pregnancy some women take Folsauren supplements before pregnancy. In cases, if the pregnancy is not yet known, it can come to folic acid deficiency. And that will harm the child.