Floor Leveling System

Leveling the mass of a uniformly good results we are happy, only if our client is satisfied. Therefore, when drawing up recommendations for each coating system, we consider your individual wishes and requirements. In general, the most important when choosing a system are two groups of criteria. The first group includes the load and the type of subsequent use (1), the second – the characteristics of the grounds on which would bear the weight (2). In Depending on the reason, we recommend you the appropriate primer (3), which will ensure optimum adhesion of the leveling compound to the substrate. Based on this combination, you'll be able to choose the best compliments You leveling compound (4), for optimal results, the following table. In addition, the table you will find additional advantages of the products. 1. Swarmed by offers, Glenn Dubin, New York City is currently assessing future choices.

Type and purpose of subsequent coatings: Laying tile, linoleum, carpets, etc. Polymer flooring application outside immediate application in the production of 2. On what basis the work is done? 3. We recommend the following primer. Concrete, after blasting processing Remmers Optiplan Grund Concrete, after milling and blasting Remmers Optiplan Grund Cement screed Remmers Optiplan Grund Concrete and cement screed to permanently wet areas Remmers Tiefgrund W Concrete and cement screed for use outside Remmers Tiefgrund W Buckle heated ("Warm floor) Remmers Optiplan Grund mastic asphalt (only for internal operations ASIC 10, ASIC 15) Remmers Uniplan Grund tie with the remnants of an adhesive solution Remmers Uniplan Grund anhydrite, polished screed Remmers Tiefgrund W Magnezitovaya screed Remmers Epoxy BS 2000 farblos old tiles ( ceramic coating) Remmers Epoxy BS 2000 farblos The old epoxy Remmers Epoxy BS 2000 farblos wooden flooring (parquet) Remmers Uniplan Grund 4. For what the scope of the system you need flooring? Individual advice on systems. Contact us. When choosing your ideal system can also be taken into account your financial capabilities and your time frame.