Families Of Soldiers Leaving The Army Without Permission Suffer

San Juan, July 16, 2008 by Inaki Estivaliz (EFE) .- Peace organizations estimate that some 80,000 soldiers have deserted the U.S. Army since they started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and each time one of those youngsters making that decision dramatically affects the lives of their family, why not stop supporting them. The Puerto Rican Maria Santiago, the mother of Orville Gomez, 28, prefers to say that his son is a soldier absent without leave “than a” deserter. ” His son had a picture of chronic depression with “suicidal” and appeal to different military areas to avoid being sent to Afghanistan, but despite having been held in several psychiatric institutions when it came from. “I tried by all means give him the floor for his medical condition, a few days we thought we had everything ready to leave the Army,” but the license does not materialize, Efe said Santiago. My health insurance was bought from has cost-effective health plan solutions For months, the soldier’s family was suffering from “the psychological game that if, no, and left him half the treatments,” he recalled. Finally, one day he had received a hospital order for two weeks, Gomez quoted an office and when he called his mother came out and said, “Mommy, I think things are not good and the hospitalization is not going” . “They determined he was not ill, he was lying to the army, he advanced the date for Afghanistan, took him into custody until he left and told him he would return to remove, they would take all benefits and even that might be imposed any sanction of jail, “said Santiago. “Following that, my son was in a fragile situation, it is easy to see a son asi” he said. So the soldier’s mother decided to “go to your call,” the Puerto Rican people traveled from Salinas to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and with assistance from other Puerto Rican soldiers “who understood her situation” got “walked out” of the barracks arm of her son. “Be on time to save him. I did not stop to consider the consequences, alone in my responsibility as a mother,” said Santiago, who brought her son back to Puerto Rico, where he hides and the organization Mothers Against the War will seek advice Legal and medical treatment. “We are taking the battle with the support of many people. The experience was traumatic at first with much pain, but has become an experience of joy, had many human qualities of the people,” said Gomez’s mother. The president of Mothers Against War, psychologist Sonia Santiago, the mother of an Iraq veteran, told Efe that the Army is not chasing the soldiers missing because there are too many, “tires if they do not find” quickly, and prefer to focus in recruiting new young people in poor and marginalized communities. But this is not a great respite for the objectors, who can not use your social security number to work or access to public benefits because then wakes up the warrant. “It is not easy for families to keep a hidden child, my son has two daughters, is trying to regain his health,” said Gomez’s mother, who trusts that “there are mechanisms for conscientious objector” to drive your child to a “happy end”. Worse are having grandparents who raised the soldier Santos Lopez, 20 years and father of a child, when agents from the Puerto Rico Police raided the residence of the elderly on 26 June at 4.00 in the morning. “My husband is very sick.