Excel Passwords

3 – A password must be a word that other people or programs can not easily deduce or guess. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jacob Elordi. 4 – If we want a really secure password, we must create a password that is not a proper name, or no existing word, regardless of the language. 5 – If you think about combining our own data (initials, ID number, date of birth, etc.) can generate a password infallible, we are wrong. 6 – How to avoid extra board to use other means of access to their accounts, like those that give you access even if you have Windows Live installed on your PC, since they do not know how these passwords have been obtained and it is best to take care. 7 – It is important that exceed the 5-digit password for added security. 8 – There are very common passwords q try not to use. You can see here the list of passwords to avoid: 9 – You should use different passwords if you have more than one email account or access to other websites.

I think this error is common to all, myself included! : O 10 – My personal advice: arm yourself a listing in the most used application (Word, Excel, Notes) with all your sites, subscriptions, mail boxes, neatly with your username and password, and email where retrieve it later. In my case I use an Excel and of course, is password protected! That redundancy! but in these cases is better than on and not missing! There is also Passwordmaker, an add-ons where you memorize one master password and let the program randomly generate an ultra-secure password for each site you visit (keys full of unpronounceable characters). Passwords are not stored anywhere, are generated in real time, so nobody can steal the. If you are up here I leave you the link: The security of passwords is possible, just need to keep these tips in mind. Should you change some of your passwords? What to expect!? Until the next article! Karina Villegas Virtual Assistant.