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Obtaining a residence permit (permit) in the Czech Republic, possibly in several ways: 1.Poluchenie annual visa number to 65, with registration of a legal entity in the Czech Republic 2.Poluchenie annual visa number 62 for registration of private enterprise 3.Poluchenie Annual visa 61 when you make an employment contract, signed with the Czech employer. 4. one of the above visas on the basis of the Law on family reunification "This article provides a detailed look at the third Alternatively, with a description of the procedures and documents required for registration. Getting a working visa is the easiest way to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic, although the design and the procedure of the consulate virtually identical in terms of registration and the number of documents at registration and receive 62 or 65 visa. Obtain a work visa is usually used by people with a profile in the construction, restaurant, hotel and warehouse sphere of activity. There are foreign nationals who have higher education and are drawn to well-paying jobs. But these candidates are not so much.

Issuance of work visas in the second half of 2007 was slow and complicated by the requirements of the European Union (EU) to the Czech Republic to reduce access to Europe, foreign citizens with low training. First of all, that requirement was put forward because of the occurrence of the Czech Republic in the Schengen 21/12/2007 space. Governments (EU), was perfectly aware that opening the borders to the west will drain manpower from the newly acceded countries, including the Czech Republic.