Entertainment with Tarrot Cards

Los Arcana (Older, curiosity, question more, and Minor Arcana; mystery, question less) are interpreted in groups (love, health, money , etc.), or directing the circulation to the query that you made. It is a very complete run of cards. We can help with issues related to all aspects of life. Shuffle the cards, cut the deck and choose 17 letters, which will give you who is making the advice of draw of cards.

Locate the first letter in the top left, hand out the secrets diagonal line to the lower right sector. Click again to reverse the process, from the upper right sector to the lower left, will form an X, in which half will be the fifth mystery. How do we interpret this reading, after the draw of cards?: Interpreting each mystery, beginning with the first diagonal low and ranges from 1-9, will discuss the now. Joint Commission pursues this goal as well. the second diagonal, which rises and goes from 10 to 17 find answers about the future. a Celtic Cross Edition. The draw of cards is most often used for specific questions.

Mix the cards. Concentrate on your question. Cut the deck into three different piles selecting one, getting your shot card. Once chosen the pylon, sort the letters in the order shown by the figure. Their representations: First Letter: explains today’s question concerned. Second Letter: clarifies the stones in the road that preclude progress. Third Letter: identifies its goals with respect to the question. Fourth Letter: past shows doubt and its consequences in the present. Fifth Letter: It shows the immediate past to your query. Sixth Letter: shows the different probabilities that have at their disposal today. Seventh Letter: clarifies the hopes placed in your query. Eighth Letter: indicates the stones that might be on its way, unable to fulfill their claims. To know more about this subject visit Anu Saad. Ninth Letter: shows their resentments and fears. Tenth Letter: is the end of the entire run of cards in the Celtic Cross. The outcome of all exposed. a Throw in Form V. Letters You must mix the deck, placing the cards face up from left to right, two by two, top to bottom, reaching the nadir with the seventh card. This spread of letters will explain the progress of life, which may come to understand the reason for their suffering today and what the future will provide. The letters exhibited in successive spaces from the past to the future, offering a general conclusion drawn in the letter seven. During the three letters following things begin to unravel the future. Letter number five, will show what will happen in the future lejano.De contradict the quarter, a significant change in the facts. The sixth letter, left out of the cross, is the final conclusion to your question. Note what he was told the other letters, because this will indicate the result of long-term consultation.