Employer Subsidy

Changes by the health-care reform – more subsidy from employers for private health insurance, Government circles is according to raised the contribution rate of the statutory health insurance (GKV) 01 01 2011 from 14.9% to 15.5%. The Cabinet has decided the health-care reform for the year 2011. Read what far-reaching changes arising as a result, the special post on the online portal. Also the maximum grant for people with private health insurance workers to 01 January changes “Changes through 2011 health care reform” as a result. Get these capped 262,50 EUR 50% of their health insurance contribution currently (2010) maximum, refunded, so it will be something more in the future. By the increase in the rate of contribution of the GKV to 0.6%, the employer subsidy increased to a maximum: 273,75 EUR so exactly 11,25 EUR per month. In addition a grant to private long-term care insurance up 36.56 EUR (Saxony: 17,81 EUR) please continue, the grant of the employer maximum of 50% of the Contribution, is limited to the above post.

Spouses insured with or children, this is considered the maximum total grant. How is this now achieved: currently calculated the employer grant from the contribution assessment ceiling from EUR 3,750, proportion of health insurance (GKV), representing 7.0% multiplied by the employer (AG). The contribution assessment ceiling remains constant, now (as currently planned) is calculated as the employer grant com. 257 SGB V from January 1 as follows: 15.5% of Beitrragssatz, workers wear 7.3 + 0.9% and employers 7.3% 7.3% x 3750 EUR = 273,75 EUR to adapt to not even worry about workers. This will give your employer certificate for 2010 in the payroll / personnel office in a timely manner, the maximum grant is calculated automatically. UPDATE: but talking a reduction in the contribution assessment ceiling in the statutory health insurance currently 3,750 EUR 3.712,50 EUR (44.500 EUR per year from currently 45,000 EUR) is not yet decided.

Therefore a new calculation would then be the Employers grant: 7.3% x 3.712,50 EUR = 271,01 EUR whether it actually comes to this reduction, until the other weeks show. Who now but thinks fast “in the PKV”, be warned. Private health insurance is not for everyone who may also the right product. The change in the car should be very well considered, because this is a life decision.