Early Diagnosis

What could be more important than the health and when to approach this issue? The answer is simple – as soon as possible. Any doctor will tell you that prevention, prevention of diseases at an early stage – this is the most optimal way, which in most cases will help to avoid severe consequences of the disease. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is often quoted as being for or against this. Here we understand that to prevent the disease at its root to an early diagnosis of diseases. Key emphasis is on the word early, because of the disease like wildfire: the earlier to detect and take action – the better. There are various methods of diagnosis, which allows to carry out research on various levels.

In our case, for the diagnosis of the body are not suitable for all methods diagnostikik. Early diagnosis and correction of the disease is complicated by the fact that many of the symptoms and not thinking to emerge. The human body very complex system, and it has mechanisms that can display processes, state agencies, internal systems. One such mechanism is studying iridology – a branch of medicine that studies the relationship between the disease and changes in the iris. The method of diagnosis, osnovynny on research and analysis of the iris, called iridodiagnostics (iridology.com.ua) The eyes are the source of information about its owners. The left half of the body characterized by a state of the left eye, right – right. The projection of the head at the top of the eyes, feet – at the bottom.