E Tourism Internet Partners Internet Marketing Effective

Tourism in our beautiful country ever takes hold in the minds of Ecuadorians, thanks in part to recent government and the heavy investment by private betting companies, have emphasized that tourism is a source of income for Ecuador. Ecuador is currently in talks about community tourism, ecotourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism and now the latest addition to astroturismo, but despite all forms of tourism, even find the deficiency in the services that many tourism businesses provide to their customers and lack of creativity to promote their services effectively. In conversations with many owners of tourism establishments have seen the lack of training for effective use of the Internet, some on how much they can use email and have your own website or to talk. I would like to contribute with some tips for those who want to take their tourism company a foot forward with very little investment: 1) create your mail account on Hotmail and Messenger to use Gmail latter use it to send pictures large, try to sign each time you send an email. 2) Learn to use the MSN and use it to provide assistance to prospective clients.

3) Open a file in Word and type the following: – Title: Name of the company and its slogan. – Description: Describe your business and tourists will benefit. – Information: Location, Phone, Email, Office Hours and Directions. – Insert pictures of your establishment. 4) I sent an email to all contacts with the attached file explaining that it is your business.

5) Invest in your Web page, hire a company for you to develop your website. 6) Look for ads in Google directory and start putting your business information. 7) Make your business cards, and put the email address or Web site. 8) Write reports of something that could attract tourists to the place where your business and send it by email to the media and friends. These are among the few things initially helping them to your tourism business over the Internet begins to take a few steps forward. Always try that with the help of God and fully exploit the Internet service offered to tourists.