Dry Eye Syndrome

People with Sjogren’s Syndrome often presents dry eyes and dry mouth. This means first noticeable symptom for which any doctor what Guide to a diagnosis of Sjogren’s syndrome probably is dry eye and mouth dry. When the dryness is moderate is presented the first difficulty, because the first step is to recognize that your eyes and mouth are dry. For even more opinions, read materials from Joint Commission. For example. When you ask people with moderate mouth dryness, people do not recognize that they have dry mouth.

Instead they only know that they are having problems of tooth decay, no matter how many times you brush your teeth daily, or they need to drink enough fluid with their food, they begin to feel the necessity of having a glass of water beside the bed during the night. When a person lives so long assumed that that is normal. You could feel that your eyes burn you and you itch, and that are exposed to infections often, but your cooperation not knowing that that is called dry eye.Another sign of dry eye that might not be easy to identify is to feel that you have sand or something strange in your eye, or that the light bothers you. means that the dryness may be similar blurred vision. Of course that if you suffer from severe dryness, you’ll realize.

Since the inconvenience will be more worse. Your tabs will be pasted some with others in the mornings, or you could have difficulty eating or talking, your eyes and your mouth could be very sore, and without an appropriate treatment for dry eyes could cause painful heartburn of cornea and ulcers and most likely that at this point you will surely get a check with an expert. Dryness of the mouth can cause painful ulcers and infections. Unfortunately, some patients are not diagnosed until your view already damaged or weakened, or they have lost most of their teeth. Dryness of the mouth and eyes can have several causes and Sjogren’s syndrome is one of them. Millions of people suffer from dry eyes and dry mouth, and not all of them have Sjogren’s syndrome. However, the most important is to find the cause. If you or your doctor have no knowledge about Sjogren’s syndrome, you could not have a correct diagnosis, or receive the adequate treatment, or could not be alert or aware of other complications that could happen to any other part of your body. dry eyes: possible symptoms enrojecimeito, irritation sensation of foreign body, as having sand or other foreign body in your eye sensitivity to light (a condition called photophobia) pain acute eye pain blurred vision waking up that glasses cannot correct the symptoms increased after frequent blinking, for example, after using the computer, watching televicion, reading for long periods the frequent tears decrease infections eye mucus, around the eyelids especially to awaken mouth dry: possible symptoms. caries difficulty eating difficulty to speak food sticks to teeth and palate very thirsty can lose their sense of taste (flavor to foods) cut into the corners of the lips parched lips cough frequently your voice starts to change, becomes hoarse or weak if your have Sjogren’s syndrome is essential to have a proper treatment and so prevent further complications is important to let your comment since is is creating a free report, and based on your own opioniones or questions. Kind regards.