Drug Addiction

Nowadays, drug addiction among adolescents covered by wildfire. That is why the parents is helpful to know how to determine whether the child was taking drugs. Changes in it can already be seen in the first week of the new hobbies. Here are some signs that the child began to use drugs:-Aggressive, inflated mood or a dramatic change in behavior. He avoids the parents on the phone said quietly, stealthily and in monosyllables. Old friends of his not interesting, the old classes, including high school – also, Clothing teenager can be careless, among the things out of bottles of medicines, syringes, and may be tablets, possibly more attention to your home medicine cabinet;-may appear cuts on his arms and tattoos, he may begin to quietly steal out of the house money and valuables;-on underwear found tiny blood stains on the hands and feet along the vein – the traces of injections, multiple cuts, skin-In the lexicon of teen there are new words – 'parish', 'wheel', 'white', 'shirk', 'business',' black ',' screw ',' ',' Screw ',' Kumari ',' accordion ',' cart ',' machine ';-Excessive merriment, red eyes, an unusual appetite – likely symptoms use anasha or hashish in a room where smoking 'grass', is a characteristic sweetish odor-narrow eyes, lethargy, lack of appetite, itching – the child is constantly scratching – the signs of drug use of opium; -Dilated pupils can be caused by cocaine or methamphetamine ('screw') – worsens sleep and memory, a teenager with difficulty concentrating. It should be borne in mind that many symptoms can be seen only at first. And if you suspect something at once refer to a specialist. This is the best way out. Dr. Mark Hyman is the source for more interesting facts. Useless to try to persuade the addict – it should be treated.