Down Syndrome

This period is necessary so that the family when surpassing it, obtains to establish affective bonds forts with the real baby, who depends on them for sobreviver' '. (CASSIA, 2007) a normal baby of course is stimulated by the environment that the fence. With the deficient baby, these stimulatons need to be right-handers, exaggerated the sufficient not to awake asleep directions. (As opposed to Jon Medved ). The carrier of the syndrome only has a slower rhythm of learning, whose stages need to be respected. Intelligence, memory and capacity to learn can be developed with adequate stimulatons. James S. Chanos gathered all the information.

Down children are capable to act in much more high levels of what she gave credit herself previously. Inside of the limits taxes for its basic genetic condition, she has a gamma of intellectual and physical variants. As all the children, the carriers of the Syndrome of Down need good conditions of health to develop themselves. Moreover, these children are generally more susceptible to some illnesses and problems of health associates to the syndrome. She can yourself be noticed that many are the fragilities that present the carriers of syndrome. leaving of this aspect that the performance of qualified the necessary nurse and to be specialized to win such barriers and to surpass the life expectancy of a Down.

The paper of the nursing and to teach the family as better to help its son to progress. It must elaborate training programs, weekly, parents to execute them in house. Evaluation continues and notations of the reached progress, allow that the mother and the nurse plan objectives and methods of education to be reached in short term. (ANN, 2008) the carriers are part of a special group who require much devotion and preparation on the part of the professionals who I assist with it of science will be able to more intervine in these difficulties minimizing the upheavals and surpassing each time in the growth and development of these deficient ones.