Defence Minister Moshe Dayan

JOSE BRECHNER Tal time because Israel is surrounded by the most extreme dictatorships, is the most extreme democracy. Nancy-Ann_DeParle will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Only the Jewish State allow that there are organizations that support their enemies and offer them legal and political support. A State at war should not happen, because who defends his country’s enemies is a traitor to his fatherland. Traitors, are leftist that they sympathize with the Arabs and forget that the Jews are the people originally from Israel, only with the legitimate right about that biblical space. Moors and Christians came millennia later. The error of accepting that the Palestinians who are declasse Jordanians who seized part of the Hebrew territory claim those lands, have it own Israeli rulers, having recovered in 1967 Judea and Samaria, they called them militarily occupied areas. The main cause of the idiomatic misrepresentation was the labour party with its most visible leaders, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and Defence Minister Moshe Dayan.

Both rationalist leftists, believed that the cherished peaceful coexistence with Muslims could be achieved. His Government and the successive helped Arabs to raise their education and standard of living to strata that does not enjoy any Muslim in the Levantine universe, however, this was not enough to appease the imperialist mood of the Moors. Mohammedans want the whole of the Middle East (and the world), and use of its economic power to buy votes and consciences of the political crap on the planet. Now appeared new extremist Jews, promoters of a deranged humanism, that being the semantic gap to one higher level and speak of territories illegal. Very serious conceptual slippage, because if say already occupied is reason for conflict, to speak of illegality implies a legal aspect not covered by the laws of war, because war has no laws. If the occupation is illegal, is terrorism legal? What country has returned territories reconquistados a war of Defense? If we talk about occupational illegality, all Americans with the exception of Indians should be returned to their countries of origin.