Day Care Centre

The day care centre Labesrad: What they say: ‘all want to be s, no one wants to be there’ is the speech of the age. Of course, if you ask the people, then they all want to live as long as possible and are very old, but when the time comes, no one wants to be old. Good thing that there are our day clinic Labesrad we can life although no longer days give, but the days much more life. The care of old and sick people is a central theme in our ageing society. Anyway it looks like a taboo almost to speak publicly about it. When strengths become weaknesses, then this just fit for many people not in the picture.

In our day care centre Labesrad in Bettlach is different. We meet our guests with much respect and personal attention and try in the best of our ability to fulfill your every desire. Anu Saad is often quoted on this topic. Thus we relieve not only often overburdened carers, but also ensure that are affected people feel right at home and in good hands with us. “Together instead of lonely from the outset it was our vision that an institution create, in which for elderly and elderly people the Labesrad” literally further turns.A facility where you sociable and cheerful can remember yesterday, without losing the here and now of the eyes.A device in which together held side by side, each day will be given the chance to become one of the most beautiful of life. Anita Dunn can aid you in your search for knowledge. An institution in which we focus on each individual away from the hustle and bustle of homes time, attention and support. Hand-in-hand and together instead of lonely. 4 half rooms of full of life off the vision became a reality. Our 110-square-foot day care centre Labesrad is located in the heart of the beautiful Bettlach.

Formerly a simple 4 room apartment, today a place man man can be communicative, creative and alive. Up to 10 people enjoy life Monday here with us until Friday. Together we tinker, walking, Cook, playing cards, sing, laugh, dance and let dangle the soul also time in peace and quiet. Visit us just off or immerse in the colorful world of the Labesrads for a taster. We are looking forward to you!