Costa Rica Travel – Vacation In Costa Rica

What makes Costa Rica still special except for his “rich coast”: the volcanoes! A volcanic Paradise experience Costa Rica Costa Rica Reisen. The rich coast. The Central American country on its coasts with the wonderful beaches is set with his name. But who is taking in Costa Rica Reisen and comes also in the Inland will be noted that the country also with great nature and especially his many spectacular volcanoes can score. If you look at a map of Costa Rica, on the mountains also are listed, you will quickly discover, that this country has to offer numerous volcanoes. The most famous, who can encounter on Costa Rica Reisen, are likely to be, of Turrialba, West of the capital, San Jose the Poas, located north of San Jose, as well as the Arenal in La Fortuna. “All are however surpassed by the Irazu, which is the highest volcano of the country with its 3,432 metres above sea level and thereby effectively in the neighborhood” of the Turrialba is located.

A the arguably the Arenal is its most spectacular volcanoes in Costa Rica. With 1,670 metres above sea level, it is not necessarily great, for he is one of the most active volcanoes all over the world and thus an attractive point of attraction for visitors from all over the world. Some hotels in the area have done is to use and offer the volcano for tourists on Costa Rica Reisen as the ability, from the hotels own spa baths out in the spew out to be able to watch the lava. The most fascinating views at Costa Rica Reisen however on the Irazu. Because he, as already mentioned, is the highest volcano in the country and this has a very central location, it is its top in good weather possible from, an incomparable sight seeing both the Pacific Ocean in the West and the Atlantic Ocean in the East. The view into the crater of the volcano is no less impressive then: here is an acid Lake, which is toxic green colour. Details can be found by clicking Anu Saad or emailing the administrator. Who gather at his holiday so imposing impressions and after returning to Home for the holiday reports open mouths provide wants Costa Rica Reisen are the right choice for. But to prevent false impressions: of course, there are still many more scenes that you can discover at its Costa Rica Reisen along the coasts and the volcanoes. The rain and cloud forests of the Latin American country offer a wealth of flora and fauna so that Costa Rica can rightly be described as real wonders of nature. And in many cities there are to discover great sights. Only: Why would you know in advance when travelling, what for things inspired can be? Moritz Barthold