In every life there are major changes: a change of residence, marriage, birth, promotion, etc. Change is good, but each begins with a rejection of the status quo. Often need part not only with the old house when we get a new home, but also with neighbors, who were almost relatives. Now we need to get used to the new route to work, to the new landscape behind the window, a new noise outside J to some time, people in general can lose a sense of home. What do employees feel when a company changes occur? Practice shows that even the most positive changes in the company often hampered by the fact that staff not only do not want to work, and even, at times, showing open aggression. For a dynamic, growing companies characterized the constant changes and it becomes part of corporate culture.

Ready for change, many forget that, for every innovation must necessarily be a transition period. During this period, employees will understand and accept the terms of the new situation. All changes in the organization seriously affect people, and that people have to develop and implement them. That staff received positive innovations and successfully implement them, you must specifically to work with staff during the transition period. At this time it is necessary help to go through three stages: 1.Otkaz from the old ways of doing things to help cope with losses. If you would like to know more about Sydney Sweeney, then click here. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 2.Pomoch understand the need to replace the existing foundations and rules for new ones. 3.Na this stage, people get new energy, new vision purposes, is self-identification. Help feel a part of the company.

By managers is very effective information campaign to help staff cope with uncertainty, insecurity, fear of the unknown. To implement the changes carried out search and selection of employees who have the ability to adapt quickly and authority to convince others. As to attract fresh and original views and ideas picked up new staff from outside. Here also there is new staff personnel, which impose certain expectations. To involve all staff in the change process, to actively promote and emotional support to each another is necessary to create and develop command. Some appeals "will be united," "will one family!" – Enough to make the team to be effective for a long time. The process of forming the team must include – formation of the mission and goals of the company that will help unite the people, the definition of certain corporate traditions that will help bring together people precisely in unstable times for the company. Trainings team building – one of the tools for the formation and development team. During these team building events, conditions are created to enhance effective communication in the company, as well as strengthen team spirit. Situations in which participants get help everyone to realize the importance of his personal contribution to the success of the team. In the excitement of playing colleagues do not like those myself, who are accustomed to seeing in mirror. The company has a lot of newcomers, there was a rearrangement of staff? Teambuilding provides an opportunity to increase vnutrikomandny potential, creates the conditions for deep teambuilding, in which a novice will feel comfortable and experienced worker can carelessly rely on each team. Everything that is happening at such training is neither a sports event, at work or leisure. This is – the game. The main thing in it – the experiences themselves participants and the results they achieve for yourself.