Chilean Priests

On the subject of around the World Catholic Church and particularly what happened to the allegations against the priest Fernando Karadimas in our country, I think it important to contribute to debate a different approach, covered in our history. I play when I was a college student, be closely linked to a group of priests, who made up the elite of that era of the late eighties. There is no point referring to anyone in particular, but my relationship with some bishops, former Cardinals and laity, was through a Society for the Study of the History of the Catholic Church in Chile. I remember very well that this time it was very helpful in my training as a future historian, as the living for a couple of years with those clear and intelligent minds of some scholars and holy priests, left no mark on me, the vision I have now the Catholic Church in Chile .- In other articles of my authorship, I refer to the stamp that has the Chilean church on our society, it is in this sense, where what happens today with the controversial case of the priest Karadimas, marks the public uproar. Are common in Chilean historiography anecdotal evidence about some dalliances priests of old, I remember a classic novel by a Chilean writer of manners, that by reference to a town "where the sons of Chinese priest had the eyes of the people." It is not justified in the usual acts of this nature that have occurred more than once in our history, the terrible events that are discussed today on Karadimas, suffice it to Cura Tato, the Curacavi Priest, former Bishop La Serena Cox. .