Chile Countries

"However, Kon also highlights that" in Latin America, some countries with more stable macroeconomic conditions, such as Chile and Brazil, has better chances of coping with these consequences, but will have to review their planning and expenditure public investments and policies to support the production, combating inflation and other social policies. In contrast, countries like Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia which are undergoing internal political conflicts and with greater propensity to macroeconomic instability, will be most affected. " Finally, he says, "is the case of Mexico, which is always positively differentiated from other Latin American countries to be directly related to the care of U.S. demand, and therefore this time suffer significant impacts." We add that the whole continent faces north with fear, trying to predict to what extent will be affected by the earthquake. Especially because, traditionally, when America sneezed, Latin America has been constipated.

However, on this occasion, the professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, David Tuesta Cardenas, believes it will be different. "Unlike previous crisis scenarios, this time to Latin America will only give you a little cold, not pneumonia, as before, but depend on the media developed by each country over the past five years, "he says. For example, it is important to see how much tax savings generated during this period, how was the public debt management, how much they have succeeded in diversifying their exports. Countries such as Chile, Peru, Mexico and Colombia seem to have been handled better in this area, while Venezuela and Argentina may have done less.