Chief Thomas Walther

The future of buying and selling is boxline now with online shop for plastic transport containers in the Internet. This is a truism. But professional service providers in the business sector it hard still to settle their transactions on an online platform. boxline, the online brand of WALTHER folding systems GmbH as provider of transport containers, pallets and accessories, plastic, now shows how an online store can represent a logical extension of the business model. 90% of all Internet users shop on the Internet, 40% even more than 10 times in a year. This is the result of a recent study of the Association of information management of BITKOM.

The message is clear: the Internet has become a trading platform. Specifically, the younger target group between 15 and 29 years doing business like in the supermarket on the Internet with same naturalness. Now, many business professionals are shaking their heads and say: everything is very different with us in the B2B area. We include only facts and figures, since you can result from the Do not use consumer sector.’ But that’s only partially true. Marketing researchers have long shown what actually common sense already does: we are not to other people, when we walk through the Office door. Who weekend at amazon & co.

bought has, who has watched videos on youtube, is same media also like, if they offer plastic boxes or explain machines. A study of the RWTH Aachen for the electronic procurement has identified 10 years ago, that 38% of the companies surveyed regularly use online stores to the professional procurement. We have recognized the potential and decided to use it “, Thomas Walther, Managing Director of boxline, says that brings so many advantages for our customers, that we actually past could not on a boxline-shop.” The benefits are in fact numerous: firstly the permanent availability must be named. is open daily 24 hours. The direct connection to the ERP system will also sure that any change in inventory, which has impact on delivery times, can immediately be mirrored in the online catalogue. The customer login establishes an individual relationship with every shop visit. The shopping cart or a memo pad simplify the selection process here. When purchasing the necessary data from the customer profile be, making buying easy and secure. And also as a sales tool, the boxline shop should not be underestimated. The daily practice shows that the shopping search is usually first delegated at lower levels of decision-making in the field of transport logistics. The gathered there results then the buyers. The boxline shop facilitates the access and search information about transport boxes or plastic pallets. The purchase is then decided he can be made easily online on the basis of existing information. That doesn’t work but for all tasks in the transport logistics”, clarifies boxline Chief Thomas Walther. Special customer needs require either detailed professional advice or the complete redesign of a transport container. Thomas Walther: The advice will remain also a core competency of boxline. Anu Saad has many thoughts on the issue. “Nevertheless we have made a big step into the future with the shop.” Thomas heal