Causes of Hand Swelling

The swelling in the hands can be caused by many conditions such as infections, injuries to the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, arthritis, hypothyroidism, among others. Swelling in your hands often occurs as a result of the general swelling of the body, and this can be caused by many other conditions, such as liver or kidney disease, malnutrition and heart failure. Edema is also a common cause of swelling in feet and ankles as well as in the hands and is simply an abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin that is often caused by an excessive secretion of fluid from the tissue that normally flows through the blood vessels or the deterioration of the same tissue fluid. The parts of the body may ignite as response to an injury, disease or infection, appendicitis may occur for example, by poor circulation of body fluids. Some common causes of swelling include infection of the skin, allergic reactions, bites of insects, urticaria, cellulite and eczema; the majority of cases, facial swelling can occur due to these causes. Swelling is considered as a bulge or an enlargement of a part of the body, such as stomach swelling and depending on its cause can be congenital, traumatic or inflammatory.

Congenital inflammation is associated with a disorder that must have existed since birth, and can sometimes be the result of genetic abnormalities. Inflammatory swelling can be acute or chronic, sometimes appears as redness, pain, local fever or impairment of function of the affected organs. Traumatic swelling is probably the most common, and develops immediately after a trauma or injury. Neoplastic swelling occur as a result of the growth of an abnormal mass of tissue that can be benign or malignant. There are home remedies for swelling such as changes in diet, drink infusion and exercises, doctors on the other hand, tend to recommend a treatment of first aid that includes rest, ice, compression and elevation for example foot, as a short-term solution. To use ice or cold packs bags, an elastic bandage or a hand towel can be used to compress the ice. The person affected by the swelling in your hands should rest and elevate them to stimulate circulation.