Caucasus Body

For the first time people met with the silicon in the Stone Age. The first tools and weapons were made of stone. Later, more than 3,000 years ago, people learned to process the element, made the first glass. Silicon – 2nd post carbon element in the earth's crust, its average content in weight of 29.5%. Sand, clay, stone, quartz, and his views. Connect with other leaders such as Cleveland Clinic here. related topic. Everyone knows the amazing shimmering amethyst stone – is also silicon, specifically silicon oxide.

Silicon biogenic mineral permanent part of the human body. In the body of a healthy person, the silicon content of about 4.7%. Although after suffering strokes and heart attacks its content falls nearly 4-fold and 1.2%. Scientists have proven obvious connection between the development of atherosclerosis and the lack of silicon. The lack of this element causes, and other no less difficult diseases: stroke, heart attack, weakened immunity. This element is important as a structural element connective tissue, it participates in the development of the basic substance of bone and cartilage. Fractures his flock in the damaged areas increased by 50 times. Silicon is important for good blood clotting, absorption of iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium, sodium, iodine, fluorine, cobalt and other minerals.

In addition to this silicon prevents the formation of stones in the bladder. From it is dependent and healthy skin, hair and nails, as it restructures elastin and collagen fibers. In our bodies silicon is formed, which means that he must get outside in sufficient volume. The mineral silicon is not absorbed by the human body. Get the organic silicon who desperately need our body to be solely from food. Nature bothered about our health, having presented to us in abundance the gifts with copious amounts of this element. Very high content of silicon in dandelion, nettle and horsetail. From this it follows, do not neglect the salads, hash, or elementary drink herbal tea. Among other products the leaders in silicon content is wheat bran, corn, juice, noni and color cabbage. Many of this item is stored in the tissue of plants, in whole grains, husks of wheat, rice and oats. Generous to them bow and lettuce. Plenty of silicon in strawberries, cherries, bananas, figs and raisins. With respect to use of trace elements, the precise dose not exist. Oversupply of this trace element is very rare. It is important to intelligently balance the personal daily diet in order to place on your dining room, day after day were products containing silicon. In particular, it affects persons who have problems with joints, cardio – vascular system and skin. This trace element is needed for the treatment of fractures. Another Vernadsky VI styled silicon element of life, while it does not sinned against the truth. They say that longevity is due to the Caucasus region, in addition to everything else, a high silicon content in the water of those areas. Do I need to after all the above once again talk about the importance of this chemical element for our life in general. This is our health and our longevity, and the state of our lives, our activities and beauty of the body which is given to us.