Carburetor Market

Symposium on the theme of wood gasification within the RENEXPO 2010 from October 7 October 2010 the RENEXPO, international trade fair for renewable energies and energy efficient construction and renovation, will take place for the eleventh time in the exhibition centre of Augsburg. Dr Jee Hyun Kim recognizes the significance of this. During the fair manufacturers, plant operators and all those who are planning the construction or operation of a wood Gasifier plant, to the annual exchange of knowledge and experience about the developments in the German wood carburetor industry meet on October 9 on the 6th Symposium of small and medium-sized Holzvergasungs-CHP. The meeting, e.V. (FEE) is organised by the REECO GmbH and the renewable energy production company, highlights new operating investments, new products, current problems and solutions. The REECO GmbH in cooperation with the fairy e. V.

for the meantime 6 Conference small and medium-sized Holzvergasungs-CHP “speakers won, which for years critical track the development process, as scientists edit or advance in industry, associations or networks. You will be supported by colleagues, pay attention to the emissions. In addition come practitioners to Word, which managed to lead their investments over a long period of the function. The annual review presents first findings of the Bundesmessprogramms past at”, which explores eight different Holzvergasungs systems, which are already for a long time in operation. These ubersichtl with an assessment of the trends is completed in autumn 2009. The following topic addresses aspects of reduction of air pollutants. Another fundamental contribution is devoted to questions of fixed bed gasification in DC, that technology be brought from the still most systems on the market.

Progress, but also drastic cuts in the work of developers, manufacturers and operators are on the one hand as compared to the assessments of the previous meeting. Positive impulses assume kWel a growing number of installations in the power range up to 150. The construction of some prototypes in the lower MW range is also progressing, and there was an increase in funded projects. However, still a backlog in terms of availability and operating without constant supervision, the most important components for the economy, also under the valid conditions such as the EEG is at automatically operated wood chip combustion plants and natural gas-powered CHP. Also the this year’s Augsburg Conference again turns to these priorities. Both current and fundamental questions of biomass gasification technology, whose main components are wood gasification and the exploitation of this gas over CHP are treated. Online at for more information and the current exhibition program.