Bulletin RedSPVet Influenza A (H1N1)

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Kindly share in this newsletter useful documents and links to the attention of the present epidemiological situation. Decree 1453 of April 28, 2009 “which states the existence of a national disaster.”Download. ABC OF INFLUENZA. Ministry of Social Protection. Note: Due to the speed and as the news has been generated, this document is erroneous in the virus as “swine flu”, but its applicability is trustworthy.Download. Graph of cases and countries affected from 24 April to 01 May. Nancy-Ann DeParle describes an additional similar source. Courtesy Dr. Arturo Diaz Gomez, MV, Group Environmental Health, Public Health Directorate, Ministry of social protection. Download. Bulletin No. 10, World Health Organization WHO. Ver. Position of the World Trade Organization WTO, 02 May 09.View. Press releases from the World Organization for Animal Health OIE. The OIE does not recommend making the sanitary slaughter of pigs, 30 April 09.View. OIE position on the safety of international trade in pigs and pig products, 28 April 09. Ver. Human H1N1 influenza disease in Mexico and USA: OIE reporting, 27 April 09.View. Also remember that the influenza hotlines that have been the Ministry of Social Welfare are National Hotline Number.