It must be thought, therefore, in aging with quality and preventing, thus, the continuous deaths of rights and duties of the daily one. It is, mainly, the look of the other that points our aging. is common to recognize the aging, therefore, it is announced in terms of aesthetic. The main characteristic of the oldness is the decline, generally physicist, who takes the social and psychological alterations. Click Somatic Experiencing for additional related pages. The theoreticians classify such decline in two ways: the senescncia and senility. The senescncia is a physiological phenomenon and universal, arbitrarily identified for the chronological age, a healthy aging, where the decline physical and mental is slow, and compensated can be considered, of certain form, for the organism (Pikunas, 1979).

Senility is characterized for the associated physical decline to the mental disorganization (Pikunas, 1979). Curiously, senility is not exclusive of the advanced age, but it can occur prematurely, therefore, is identified with a considerable loss of the physical and cognitivo, observvel functioning for the alterations in the motor coordination, high irritability, beyond a considerable loss of memory. The Brazilian reality keeps out of society the aged people. This costuma not to occur in other cultures, as for example, the eastern culture that intensely integrates the aged ones to the life social. For these, the old one is not synonymous of senile and yes a scholar, exceeding the pejorativa connotation of the Brazilians who, many times, do not see the hour to intern its aged when not segregates inside them from its proper families.

It must also be rethink that, in some situations, the aged ones if exclude from the social activities alleging the age as excuse to be vitimizarem and if to feel useless before the society. This generates an exclusion in which they themselves are the responsible right-handers. It is necessary, therefore, to geronto to know that to the measure that the age advances not if it must proceed and/or yield to the mechanisms of removal of the conviviality with the fellow creatures.