Another one of the recomiendaciones that become the parents is that when feeding itself, the baby also swallows air and sometimes is incapable to eruptar reason why this one must be placed leaning upon against the chest and give light taps him in the back. This position and the light tap will bring about a pressure in the baby who him aid to eruptar (can leave milk; vomit is not considered). As far as the medical report, if that will be necessary to realise a series of tests that will describe in our Web more ahead. We mention here the tests of the neonatlogo: Nothing else to be born, verifies the general state of the baby: size is observed, color of the skin, movement and reactions. One explores the heart and the lungs: Auscultation of the heart to analyze the cardiac frequency, and exploration of the pulmonary field.

The skull of the baby is moderate. A standard of 33 is considered and 36 cm. are due to look for possible hematoma or bulks, as well as fontanelas that are the union of the different bones from the skull. The eyes are watched, the nose and the ears and are moderate the distances. Light occurs to observe if the pupil is contracted with this one.

Buccal examination, lips and palate. Neck and collarbone: the gestacional state will be valued in which it is. Skin, breasts, navel and belly? Sexual organ: it must be analyzed that the exit is correct and exists, and if the testicles are in stock-market escrotal. In children, lips are examined and size of cltoris. Also the anus is analyzed in case there was to take part surgically. Tests of Reflections (they are a methodical series of tests to evaluate capacities, possible limitations and mental state of the baby).