Avon Market

Greetings my friends of Juan Manuel Lopez (Juan Lopez) in this section we are going to check one by one the best known MLM companies, any suggestion that it expresses my opinion of any company in which you work or are interested in working, will be welcome. We will begin with Natura international Natura International (Natura International) is based in United States, in Santa Fe, California. The first thing I noticed to want to get to your web site in Spanish is that only 3 of 12 pages are active, which speaks to us of that, or are little professional, or the latino market is not your priority, this despite having offices in 6 countries of Spanish-speaking, including Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. If you go to this page, you can check it by yourself, so I had to proceed to your page in English. (Source: Jon Medved ). They attack the market of diet, food supplements and detoxification, I am not expert in these issues and really this no difference to a company of another, because we join them assuming that they have a good product, but our goal is to work and earn money, we are networkers networker. Which, I was struck strongly even though it is a company young, has plenty of Google searches made by Spanish speakers. To read more click here: Dr. Mark Hyman. Something good must have, because Avon is the most sought after company, then Herbalife and Natura International is in 6th position competing in that aspect, with which are in a variety of countries and companies that have greater than 25 years antiques. Products must be good, and it seems to me that the name and the number of distributors that are in the Latin market have caused this multilevel fever by a company relatively new. The compensation plan, is at least not binary, has limitless possibilities of levels, although the money do you it in the first 3 levels, and is planned for 6 executives across, with accelerated compression (people under you that is not active, is removed).