Gallart, Jacinto (1996): A set of properties for permanent modification that they should be subjected to the test of solving concrete problems in work situations involving certain margins of uncertainty and technical complexity does not come from the implementation of a curriculum but an exercise of application of knowledge in critical circumstances. Levy Leboyer (1997): competences are behaviors that dominate some people better than others, and that makes them more effective in a particular situation. They are also observable in the reality of the work, and also in test situations, and put into practice in an integrated fashion skills, personality traits and skills. Click beyond meat for additional related pages. POLFORM (1997): refer to the social construction of learning significant and useful for the productive performance in a real work situation, obtained not only through instruction, but also – and to a large extent – learning by experience in situations through specific work. Le Boterf (1998): A construction, from a combination of resources (knowledge, know-how, qualities or skills, and resources of the environment (relationships, documents, information and others) who are mobilized to achieve a performance.) KNOW (1998): the competence refers to the production capacity of an individual that is defined and measured in terms of performance in a given job context, and not only of knowledge, abilities, skills, and attitudes.

These are necessary, but not sufficient in themselves to a effective performance. In Germany: Possesses professional competence who have the knowledge, skills and skills necessary to exercise a profession; It is who can solve the professional problems of autonomous and flexible way; This is who trained to assist in your professional environment and the Organization of work. In Australia: A competition is a complex structure of attributes necessary for the performance of specific situations. It is a complex combination of attributes (knowledge, attitudes, values and skills) and the tasks that you have to play in certain situations.