Atlas Correction HWS Syndrome Successfully

Quick help with cervical syndrome by Atlas correction the cervical spine syndrome, short neck syndrome, increasingly become a widespread disease. The term Whiplash syndrome describes recurring or constant pain in the neck area, emanating from the cervical spine. The Atlas reflex Atlas correction promises now fast help. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nancy-Ann_DeParle offers on the topic.. The causes can be varied. Increasingly encountered sedentary activities, can be viewed on the computer for example, certainly as a main cause. Generally, always movement poorer way of life can cause a cervical spine syndrome or strengthen. The HPV in cervical syndrome ranges from neck pain, constant muscle tension in the neck area and restricted freedom of movement of the head to severe headache and migraines.

Person concerned suffered greatly from these symptoms. Often painkillers are taken, which of course does not eliminate the cause and leads to further burdens of the body. The misalignment of the Atlas misalignment of the Atlas now is becoming more common as made specific triggers for the cervical spine syndrome. The Atlas vertebrae (C1) is the first vertebrae of the spine. He wears the head and keeps it stable.

The Atlas vertebra from the Greek mythology of the Titans Atlas got its name. He had to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. The Atlas vertebra has a similar responsibility. This Atlas vertebra is not correctly positioned in its intended position, this can have significant effects on the body. The posture changed, unbalanced load of the muscles and skeleton are the result. Also, arteries can be pushed off by the wrong sitting Atlas. The resultant circulatory disorders are often a trigger for migraines and headaches. This misalignment can be thus causes a variety of diseases, with see also for the cervical spine syndrome. No long-lasting treatment or even a surgery is required the correction of Atlas with Atlas reflex to correct the misalignment of the Atlas. Atlas reflex has an effective and completely painless Method developed for the Atlas correction. With the ThemPer technology, it is possible to slide back the Atlas in his natural position in a single treatment. The treatment is so painless, safe and gentle for the body. A short time after the treatment the body begins with the regeneration. The aches and pains subside or disappear in most cases. Sascha Kramer, Andernach

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