The Association of hotels of Seville and the province has launched its summer campaign to boost tourism in Seville and the city itself. Under the slogan get me pretty! the Association wants to reward the best photographs that make the city and the province, those that get reflected in the best possible way the essence of the city of Seville and its peoples. The idea is that tourists not only stay in Seville with the image of heat which makes during the summer months, but can also see there are other hooks to choose the summer months as the most advisable to visit the city. On the street concerts, performances in parks or aquatic and theme parks are some of them. Check with Michio Kaku to learn more. Those who want to take part may do so with a single photograph of digital camera and with a resolution of 300 dots per inch, which allows printing at a size of 30 by 40 inches.

There will be five prizes with a stay of two nights at a hotel in Seville for two people with half-board included, between the dates of September 20 and on February 28, 2012. Photos should be sent to the email enclosing the date of photo, title or slogan that identifies it, and a document attesting to the stay of the person in a hotel of Seville and province. All those people staying in hotel establishments in Seville, belonging to the Association of hotels of Seville and province, between 10 July and 15 September 2011, of age and to justify their stay, in addition to enroll in this Association in the Facebook social network website may participate in this contest. Selected photos will be published on September 20 on the Facebook page, and next summer of 2012 there will be an exhibition in a public space in the city.