Many times when we go to equip our kitchen when we chose furniture and appliances, we think more on the aesthetics in the functional. We devote much more effort to choose colours and materials that in opt for shapes, sizes and location, probably, the last being the most important factor of a well-designed kitchen. Regardless of the size and distribution of your kitchen, it has to be furnished and equipped following the guidelines of safety and ergonomics at work, since at the end, after what we do it when we prepared our dogfish in green sauce is that, a job and having clear this concept (that design job) have begun to select furniture of kitchen and its location. These are some guidelines that we follow when it comes to furnishing our kitchen: frequent use, such as ovens or microwave appliances you must place them in column to avoid having to get down and protect it from your back. To use the space well, it is very convenient to furniture reach up to the ceiling.

At the top we will place objects and utensils of uses sporadic. If you can install the countertop more high than usual. s on the issue. Normally countertops are installed to 80 cm, as well, by placing it to 94 cm you will get your back suffer less. Drawers, as well as drawers give greater comfort and take advantage of more space. The last point, but perhaps of greater interest is, in designing your kitchen and regardless of the distribution of this, give great importance to the triangle formed by the fires, cooking utensils and fire, to prevent displacement, saving time and gaining safety. Original author and source of the article.