American Research Institute

goFit foot reflex zone mat recommended by physicians Schiers (Switzerland), January 26, 2010 regular foot reflex zone massage greatly improves the quality of life of people over 60. This has found a group of scientists at the American Research Institute in Eugene, Oregon. The goFit health mat provides exactly the effect the U.S. experts in their study have demonstrated their users. Because it reproduces the surface of a gravel bed in a small space. The St. Gallen physician Dr.

Damir Marincic comes to the same conclusion. After the experiences of the Swiss physician Dr. Damir Marincic, the targeted use of the goFit mat helps elderly people to move safely on her legs. Appropriate prevention measures many falls could avoid.\” Among measures, which uses the neck nose ear specialist with demonstrable achievements, regular walking on the goFit health mat. We are dealing, for example, patients who suffer from dizziness and balance problems.\” The Reasons for walking problems are varied, as the doctor explained. In a specially elaborated re balance training he is working with patients and students, to get as many as possible of the risk factors in the handle. The goFit mat has proven this out very helpful.

Our findings show that regular use of goFit positively affects the ability, to control posture and movements, as well as to strengthen the muscles in the feet and legs.\” Many of those affected reported after using the mat of significant improvements, so the physician: patients and students their musculoskeletal system will obey in the course of the treatment safer, them better. This naturally affects their self-esteem and increases their willingness without AIDS such as canes or Walker back out of the House.\” The good experiences with the GoFit mat be enough on a course or rehab program at Dr. Marincic the mat for many participants and patients basic buy for use at home.