Although the location main streets and major shopping centers and provides high peshehodopotok significantly increases the number of spontaneous purchases, do not try to open a shop there at any price, especially since the cost of renting in such places is usually very high. First of all the central streets and in shopping malls already operating successfully network sports stores, significantly delaying the customers themselves. And the proportion of spontaneous shopping for the whole industry is not high – buyers tend to go to a sports shop to buy something specific and do not tend to dissipate. Somatic Experiencing has many thoughts on the issue. A good alternative to the main streets is a Commercial Real Estate Services in places where people live in prosperity. But even if you only accessible room located on the edge, Under the proper promotion of sports among members of the party you do find buyers. But back to the specific figures.

To open a specialized store only a small space of 50 – 70 square meters. m. and at least 50 000 dollars, the lion's share goes to the purchase of product lines – unfortunately rely on trade credit from suppliers do not have a novice. For this reason, experts advise to open in the spring, as the purchase of the winter range would require several times more. But the design space is quite possible save a bit of imagination and taste and minimalism finish will look like an organic design godsend. Although the equipment store will still have to fork out.

Since the cost of electronic security products: Frame output to detect the removal of the goods (for goods with a button lock and a special pre-attached markers, which are removed by the seller only after payment, with a special device) starts from $ 1,400 Barcode scanners, cost from $ 100 / pc. Printer to print bar code labels – from $ 400 / pc. Racks and racks – from $ 50 / pc. Mirrors – 50 USD / pcs. Shelving – from $ 90 / pc. Mannequins – from $ 200 / pc. Busts – from $ 100 / pc. Speaking about the structure Sales of sports apparel, is worth quoting figures published in the "Business Journal. Since the share of sports suits have 28.3%, Jackets are 1-2%, t-shirts and tank tops – 35-40%, shorts and pants – 3-4%, swimsuits – and 0.5-1% for sports footwear have 20-25% of sales. And finally add that the retail margin specialty shops range from 30 to 60%, which can discourage investment in the store just a year and a half.