73% Of Smokers In The West Bank Began Before Age 16

72.9 of smokers in the region of Ribera began in snuff consumption before age 16, compared with 4.8 who did after 18, according to a survey of patients health centers in the region by the of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc) during the months of April and May this year. This was stated yesterday Tobacco Group Coordinator Department of Health de la Ribera, Juan Antonio Ribera, who, along with managing director, Dr. Manuel Marin, gave a press conference on the occasion of the celebration on Sunday of the World No Snuff. Dr. Bank said that, with regard to smokers over 18 years’ average daily consumption is nine cigarettes, whereas among adolescents aged 14 to 18 years that consumption rises to eleven cigarettes a day ‘. Both the coordinator of the Group on Smoking as the managing director of the Department both highlighted the “harmful effects of snuff. These effects, they said, “are the source of more than thirty diseases, particularly bronchial-lung and heart. Thus, 78 of lung cancers, reviewers, are caused by smoking, while 50 of heart attacks also stem from the consumption of snuff. To overcome this, the Health Department “has conducted a Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Smoking,” said Dr. Marin.Furthermore, it has set up a consultation for smoking cessation professionals. In this sense, the 14.81 of those who have come to this consultation are now over a year are smoking. This week has been placed on information tables and health centers have given talks to schoolchildren.