Bioenergetic Therapies

Are almost no people who at least once have not heard about the energy or bioenergy therapies. What represents this concept and how to know? Recently, this topic interested in many, and probably not in vain. Bio-energy permeates the entire space of the universe, manages all the processes occurring in it and supports the information-energy relationship between all those in this space – and living and nonliving objects. Bioenergy provides a link with the environment, the relationship of consciousness to the psyche, the interaction of all internal organs, etc. It is a necessary component health and strength that we need constantly to do any of deeds and acts. Follow others, such as J. Craig Venter Institute, and add to your knowledge base. This is – a reality, and it exists. 'Bioelectric Ocean' energy metabolism of the human body is a free flow bioenergy, which covers the entire body.

Bioenergy influences and psychological functions, including thinking, feeling and movement. Anything that violates the free flow of energy, affects our feelings, our integrity. The whole world that surrounds us, our thoughts, everything that we feel about ourselves and we can imagine, and that while we can not imagine at this stage of its development – it's energy fields. Something has enormous energy, something not very much. All this flows, changing places, dissolved in each other, absorbed and modified. Process is infinite in time and space. Every atom, molecule, particle, their connections, simple to complex, large and Small talk about themselves, about their device, development, give a space of information. Than how? Vibrations that they publish.

Health Patient Doctor

A common problem today is the aggressiveness of the patients and relatives, apparently to the doctor. To deal with these situations and exit unscathed and maintain a respectful relationship with the patient, must be taken into account which could be sources of aggression in the patient: to) the first thing is to remember that the doctor-patient relationship is a transferential relationship. As we have pointed out, the patient may be angry with other doctors, with real or fantaseados grounds, and transfer their anger to the current situation. In these cases the most important thing is not to respond aggressively. Aggressiveness is a highly contagious State. When the patient apparently directed against the doctor his aggressiveness, the first impulse is to answer him on the same terms, that will increase the aggressiveness of the patient.

If the doctor does not abandon its place of professional, do not lose the calm and treat the patient properly, ends calming. (Source: Mark Hyman, MD). (b) one of the most frequent mechanisms of production of aggressiveness is a disgust with oneself, which is projected on others, mirror mode. When the patient realizes subconsciously that it has a defect, but you don’t want to accept it, everytime he sees that defect in the other (you don’t need to have it, it can be an attribution of the patient), in this case the doctor, this will yield hostility. It is actually angry with himself, but he dumps it on the other. (c) there are humans who do not tolerate any imperfection itself and live the illness as such. They are highly intolerant of any defect and think that the disease is not.

The doctor reminds them somehow that they are sick, and that bothers them. As we see, they are things that happen to the patient with the doctor, place not with the person of the doctor. (d) frustration intolerance and lack of adaptability to changes in reality, are also a source of aggression.

Distance Learning Course

Flexible and part-time for the market of the future 2010 already over 387,000 people with a distance learning course or distance learning qualify according to carried out distance learning statistics 2010 formed by the Trade Association Forum DistancE learning in the year continued. This means a rise of two percent compared to the previous year. In the five-year comparison, the industry has even an increase of 25 percent. The academic learning, so the acquisition of University financial statements in the form of distance learning, is estimated as a boom sector”. Also extends benefits of distance learning to experience the education system of the German College for prevention and health management (DHfPG) combines distance learning with compact presence phases in regional study centres. At the Bachelor’s degree, a training is integrated in addition. This flexible study system gives direct competence as the students from the outset on practical experience gain.

In the distance learning with didactic specially prepared study materials and support by Remote teacher mediated content is implemented by experienced lecturers in the attendance periods and deepened. The federally recognized DHfPG are four Bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degree programmes in the market of the future prevention, fitness and health available. Due to the special focus of the College on the subjects movement, nutrition and relaxation, as well as the management of fitness, leisure and healthcare companies, interesting career and future opportunities opening up for graduates. According to the Federal Statistical Office, so many students like never at German universities were enrolled last winter semester. Jayme Albin might disagree with that approach. How it looks on the State-approved DHfPG? Prof. Dr. Bernhard Allmann from the German school of prevention and health management puts it in a nutshell: our College is in the fortunate position to have enough undergraduate places at nationwide study centres. Even when our master studies there is no limit for places.” German College for prevention and health management, Saarbrucken