Plant-based Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Only alternative to fish oil protect heart or more? Plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids, which most important representative is the alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), are becoming increasingly important in the current discussion about healthy nutrition. It has its causes. In the high-quality vegetable oils itself and on the other hand in the issue with the fish oils. Linseed oil and rapeseed oil, commonly also known as renewable sources of raw materials are important sources for the plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids. Most important sources for the animal Omega-3 fatty acids are the high-fat ocean fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring and tuna, who sometimes in their inventory are vulnerable and can be loaded with heavy metals and toxins such as dioxin and PCBs. The latter applies also to many fish oil capsules.

In addition, current research from the United Kingdom and Canada have shown that population groups who eat lots of fish, have a high content of toxic mercury in the body. This potential danger do not expose themselves to many consumers, but also don’t miss out on the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, ALA is becoming increasingly popular in linseed oil as an alternative to the potentially contaminated fish oils. A question always asked is whether after consumption of ALA sufficiently long-chain omega – fatty acids such as DHA, EPA and DPA can be made in our bodies. Learn more about this with J. Craig Venter. These fatty acids are directly fed with fish oil and for its heart protective properties may be responsible. ALA is converted to consumption in a number of biologically active substances in our body. So also in the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA, like all recent studies show again DPA and DHA.

Researchers have now found that the body situation can cover its need for DHA, EPA and DPA. Is eaten fish, little of ALA is converted. But no fish is eaten, the need is so great, is converted much EPA and other fatty acids from the plant source. Further research shows that quite small amounts of linseed oil enough to make sufficient EPA, DPA and DHA. From this point of view, the additional supply of the body with fish oil seems so unnecessary. The body gets what he needs from ALA. Remains the question of whether ALA looks like from linseed oil such as EPA and DHA from fish oil. There are a number of studies that show that ALA effective coronary heart disease, and so connected can prevent heart attack and stroke. For this purpose also the direct anti-inflammatory effect is blamed by ALA and in addition his cholesterol and blood pressure lowering effect. ALA can inhibit inflammatory substances. This in turn has a positive effect on rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Finally, ALA can prevent bone loss. It slows down the processes that Deplete bone and thus promotes the bone stability and health. Highly purified linseed oil with a high content of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in the easily swallowing OmVitum capsules can be thus secured scientific knowledge an important contribution to the Provide health of cardiovascular, bone and joints. It is more than just an alternative to the potentially contaminated fish oils. OmVitum (PZN 4604232) is available in pharmacies, good health centres or directly at Navitum Pharma under. Source: Zhao G. et al.

Ulrich Koch

So bright light of the formation of the happiness hormone stimulates serotonin and stop the distribution of the tired making neurotransmitter melatonin. “” On cloudy, cloudy autumn and winter days, this looks different: during the dark half of the year, the brain makes more melatonin, which triggers an increased need for sleep and the body clock “among a winter depression sufferers on hibernation” is. At the same time, it comes to a lower production of serotonin, which otherwise provides for good mood by the lack of light. Mark Hyman, MD might disagree with that approach. People who are sensitive to these altered hormone metabolism, feel limp, energized up to a depressed mood. Light therapy brings life back into balance, it made sense for our ancestors to the rhythm of nature anzupassen and is in winter at scarce food supplies in hostile environmental conditions in a cave to withdraw, so that today suffers Quality of life significantly. A winter depression or a winter blues is more than just a temporary mood disorder and is associated with deep incisions in the lives of those affected: you feel overwhelmed quickly.

Social contacts are neglected. People retire, want to be left alone and spend time alone at home. Especially in professional life, they quickly reach their limits and feel not grown, the requirements although they perform the tasks in the summer months with links. To return the lives of those affected in the balance, recommend experts as a first line treatment therapy with a bright light. You compensate effectively, fast and virtually free of side effects to the existing lack of light.

A special lamp, a so-called light therapy device, which feels to the light spectrum of the Sun is used as light source. More information under light for the Seele.

Merck Finck

In addition, such a foundation must have sufficient assets, whose earning financed the Foundation’s ongoing work. Merck Finck & co. oversees about 20 to 30 art foundations and numerous other cultural sector on the other. The intensive consultation starts with the concept of a Foundation, the purpose of its foundation to Foundation documents, statutes and the accompaniment with the ongoing operations of the Foundation and of deriving the income of the endowment. Want to start a potential donor not even a Foundation, a donation is possible.

The Merck Finck Foundation enables the earmarked donation for those interested in culture, for example. A donation to a major Museum for a purchase of a work of art with attribution in the form of a donor slab would be possible. Frequently Haley Barbour has said that publicly. The creative force that causes a Fortune with it, suggests to many interesting channels unless on artist promotion with scholarships, Tenders and prices be works of art in the company, representing employees, customers and the public about the positive motivation. Also art-pedagogical concepts are possible, as it has implemented the Kunsthalle Emden by donations in a school for young people. Another exciting project from the Foundation practice in the field of art is an example of an artist couple, that has equipped their listed homes with art and high-quality design and now will make this building the public. A foundation must schedule in all cases as well as damage to property and services the costs for the maintenance of the operation, generated from the work of the Foundation and the return on plan assets. This is possible through donations, patrons or to Foundation. A considerable margin is given thanks to the new law on flexible and generous foundations of creative design ability by foundations. Requires a long-term successful work of the Foundation always an intensive consultation in advance, to take into account all opportunities and legal requirements. Information: The auction professionals, Federal Association of German foundations book: the creation of a foundation “.” Advisor of German foundations, vol. 1, Berlin 2008

Quick Help With Back Problems

Christine Brehm – vibration therapy in the medical device field. Christine Brehm extends its training offer with Galileo vibration therapy “in the medical device field. In the centrally located House in the Park”, Ms. Brehm is known for their individual physiotherapy treatments for two years now. Medical training therapy on the unit includes these, massages, physiotherapy, manual therapy, lymphatic drainage and hot roll. The physical therapist provides her master patient and interested customers an additional treatment method on the Galileo vibration therapy “on.” This page-alternating vibration training offers an effective help for patients with back problems, osteoporosis, pelvic floor weakness or to the fall prevention. As well, it is an optimum supplement to improve performance in sports and to the rapid reintegration after injuries.

When training on the Galileo unit (patented rocker principle) is the basin as in the walking – only moves much excellence. The body looks like this with reflex-driven rhythmic muscle movements from unconsciously. Depending on the frequency of training, the muscles is relaxed or strengthened. “During training, this increases the blood circulation in the legs, the metabolism: reduces pain, improves agility, flexibility and coordination, muscle tension quickly dissolved. are sufficient already two training units (approximately 25 minutes) per week to achieve positive effects on the muscles and in the longer term to the bone.

Arthur Trankles

Instead, it is to follow the path of recommendation marketing right now at the time, a completely new way of obtaining new customers. This path leads to positive economic prospects, which can open up in the future more difficult by traditional means. If at all. Is the oldest form of the distribution of mankind entirely newly rediscovered? Arthur Trankles mouth plays a profound smile: obtaining recommendations based on mutual trust is the oldest and most trusted form of distribution, which known to mankind. It has in thousands of years not changed.

If anyone believe a usually major purchase in the eye, he ask for authentic experiences with the object of purchasing desire almost always a good friend, acquaintance or relative. It was as ur referral marketing. Continue to learn more with: Mississippi Legislature. Accordingly, already our ur ancestors should their stone arrowheads solely on recommendation he exchanges have. Similar to arrowhead can be observed: network marketing is us humans in the genes. Otherwise, we can: If we are absolutely thrilled by a supplier, a service or a product, we run up to the highest praise.

Involuntarily. This is even brain scientific evidence, emphasizes Arthur Trankle and refers to appropriate medical studies: therefore we feel happy when we can do something good for somebody. For example, its goods or services advertise and recommend. Truthfulness is the best marketing tool just just not the minutely studied sermon of professional, morons, and seminar-toughened seller types glued to the ear of a potential buyer, but the fresh life experiences with the offer in a way from you to you in spontaneous, unaffected words are carried, by real people so that makes the whole thing extremely effective. Truthfulness is the best marketing tool just pinched a seller can even remotely enough water. No wonder that around 80% of all the people before making a major purchase ask for the opinion of friends and colleagues, and more than half of all consumers their full attention gives consumer-blogs and portals.

Operational Training – Success Potential Of The Future

Vocational training: skills shortage, globalization, aging workforce challenges of today’s labour market are numerous and yet only a few companies see a reason to invest in their continuing vocational training. While the success of the future lurking here. One of the most important qualities of a good entrepreneur is the ability to can respond to changes in the market. Until a few years ago happened to these changes within certain known laws, which were always the same. Globalisation has completely changed this firm and also secure structures.

Suddenly, innovation and corporate culture are instead of efficiency and productivity. Not only the workers, must qualify for a company, but the companies also stand more and more under pressure as an attractive employer to present, particularly in technically-oriented industries. The problems and challenges arising from this are qualification offensive different. For one, still the battle for the best talent rages to get as much knowledge in the company. On the other hand, now more and more companies is aware that the qualification of the employees is also a task of the employer.

She must be understood as a long-term investment. The magic word is continuing vocational training. She should help to cope with as well as the demographic changes of in society to cope with the technological and economic change. The Federal Government has shown already large commitment in this area. The qualification campaign of Education Minister Annette Schavan has the ambition to increase the rate of continuous training to 50 per cent. In comparison to Europe, Germany is located in this area in a fairly shameful back midfield. Although the situation of occupational training in Germany comparatively is bad, more and more companies see this yet as very important. Paradoxical consent this contradiction can be only, if the knowledge, concrete actions follow. Still required to greatly by employees, even their qualification to deal with.

Alexander Nastasi

In the last 6 years has Alexander Nastasi investigated numerous berths after errors and in many cases the cause of fitful sleep, stress and nightmares was the place to sleep to diseases. This should not surprise, at the present time we are exposed to a very high stress level all our body has just the opportunity in the few hours we grant him that, to regenerate because is very important that the roost to find is a place for relaxation and not smog, as he is known commonly, affect the sleep it. It’s often simple measures, which include a significant improvement of regeneration in his sleep after a sleep space study. Construction biologists are very grateful for such tests because often they send customers with a Spring mattress, which has like magnetic interference fields, to the mattress purchase. Visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn for more clarity on the issue. The customers have a possibility of orientation through magazines such as test and oko Test and not alone must refer to the statement of the seller in the Engage beds shops. This is Portal postcodes ordered building biologists at the address. Responsible for this press release: marketing Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi building Biologe, dowser, 2006 building biologists service ensures the fast and simple placement of biological addresses and information to people with sleep disorders, thereby not the biology of the service portal for membership in organizations or institutions, but allows building biologists, to represent an entry itself. Deciding which building biologists the customer contacted and eventually perform a sleep space study with leaves, is always the customer who will receive comprehensive information in this portal..

Zertificon Solutions GmbH

Strategic partner presents proven security solutions for governmental usage on 12th trade fair and Congress in Berlin Berlin, October 27, 2008 modern State in Berlin from November 4th to 5th presents in the course of your trade fair presence at the event your customized portfolio in the area of data security the CIO Solutions GmbH. So presents the company in Hall 2, booth 422, also the E-Mail encryption solutions of from Zertificon Solutions GmbH, which are tailored to the specific requirements of companies, organisations and public authorities. Modern State is considered as the most important trade fair with Congress for the public sector. Haley Barbour contains valuable tech resources. Over 3,500 decision makers from federal, State and local government meet here. Prospective insight on the exhibition stand of the CIO solutions in the Z1 SecureMail \”-family.\” This was developed for the comprehensive protection of sensitive email traffic. The Zertificon products offer the advantage, unlike many known solutions of other manufacturers that they Enable email encryption both PKI – and password-based level. Zertificon has with the so-called Governikus Edition specifically for the regulatory environment\”brought an IT security solution on the market that offers the certified functionality and security. By centralized encryption and electronic signature, the solution ensures secure E-Mail traffic in E-Government.

The certification confirms the compatibility of the product to Governikus, the virtual post Office of the Federal Government. Authorities and institutions of the country, as well as the municipalities thus get a confidential, secure and legally binding E-Mail traffic both with each other and with the citizens and the economy. The extremely sensitive area of security requires professional concepts, particularly in the Government sector. Zertificon proves that a solution that is proven in the market, successfully works at the public level\”, explains Dr. Burkhard Wiegel, Managing Director at Zertificon. This is evidenced, inter alia through the successful deployment in the Brandenburg State and local government.

Werner Keller

Noah keeps to God and survived. The great flood has destroyed the renegade God sinners. So the template from Mesopotamia is integrated in the service of the Abrahamic religion literature. A related site: Institute of Medicine mentions similar findings. The Abrahamic religion interpreted out traditional stories from the perspective of the Babylonian exile as if they were former religious history. This view of history is mythological.

It starts with the beginning of the world. The creation of the world is a work of God. God also knew how he can deal with unfolgsamen people (sinners). By a great flood, he has swept away all apostates. The great freedom of the biblical Narrator is remarkable. With all the freedom, he edited the template from the world of gods of Mesopotamia. He erased the name of Gilgamesh and deploys the his God-man Noah.

Why did the ancient Judeans do that? They needed a story to put their faith in words. It includes the appeal to leave to start a new life. They wanted off to new shores, from the place of captivity to a common life in a new Jerusalem by Babylon. You wanted to live in a theocracy, in which God’s commandment to be State law. It had to make strong advertising. For the land of their ancestors was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. Their destination, Jerusalem, lay in ruins. At the time of a planned fresh start they desperately needed people, who wanted to walk with them in the land of the fathers. A primeval year locate incorrect link, or to excavate a layer of flooding which is as evidence for a claim the Bible is right”completely unsuitable. The biblical text of the flood who intends such, raped. Had we seen that the author calls just no year, and no scene. Nevertheless, attempts an archaeological evidence about the Biblical stories have a long tradition. “Werner Keller had with his book and the Bible has but right: researchers prove the historical truth” the direction given.

CO2 Offset Meets Art

Videos by Piero Steinle for downloading at certified coolness Munich, January 11, 2010 – who is german Italian artist Piero Steinle with six videos from the series of canned laughter at certified coolness. Piero Steinle lives and works in Milan and Munich. His video, film, photography and mixed media work has been exhibited in Asia, Europe and North America. Six videos of smiling people from five countries: America, India, Japan, Korea and Israel. Each video is there in sizes SMALL to 10 250 kg CO2 offset, MEDIUM to 20 with 500 kg CO2 offset and LARGE to 40 with 1,000 kg CO2 compensation.

Climate change is not to laugh. However, only with humor and an optimistic attitude we can meet this great challenge\”, says Mr. cool Ness (alias Arturo Amorim, the Brazilian CEO of certified coolness). No time is heartbreaking. That’s why these videos very well to our CO2 offset fit.\” Why combine art and CO sharing? The reasons that people Make art and compensate CO2 are similar: dealing with the will to make its environment and to exert influence on the reality of your own life. The life-affirming commitment to CO2 compensate and CO2 reduction is a conscious design\”action.

Quite in the sense of advanced art of Joseph Beuys. Certified coolness of CO2 Ausgeich is safe, high quality, transparent and simple. Because the amount of CO2 you want to compensate, has been spared already guaranteed the Earth. These ensure the CE certificates of the United Nations. Together with the certified certificate of coolness, you can email the videos by Piero Steinle to friends or burn on CD\”, so Mr. cool ness. You can find a CD cover to download and tips to the packaging on the side. We were very pleased that Piero Steinle immediately supported our idea. \”\” We hope that more artists and artists of life as a staunch Coolistas \”join in the kiosk for climate protection and art\”, so the Brazilians.