Ethnic Tourism

Today, ethnic tourism is very popular and highly demanded in the market. at the same time, this type of tourism on the market by far not complete. And where, if not at the lake, it can get its development, because of the deep centuries-old traditions of peoples living near the lake. Click Geneticist to learn more. This form of recreation, tourism, in our time is one of the main ways to luxury leisure, but the erection of huts of capital facilities is an expensive event, and tents do not give much of a reasonable level of comfort. That solve the problem of optimal price and quality. Very hard, stable and strong frame, covered with several layers felt warm and waterproof fabric, in addition to purely utilitarian properties brings incredible charge of aesthetics, romance and spirit of the nomadic ancestors – the value is extremely rare in our time. Yurt, covered with a double layer of felt and equipped with a stove, stove, allow it to operate even in the most severe frosts. uccess. For example this condition is satisfied and yurt – a lightweight version that could easily carry a , offers visitors the opportunity to rest comfortably on each night.

This yurt is set not more than 30-40 minutes and is an indispensable attribute for equestrian routes. We all know that the absence of mating camps – major obstacle to tourism promotion. Compact and lightweight design allows for one truck Gazel carry five yurts, which finished chalet for 20 guests and 5 service personnel. These yurts mounted on wooden panels and equipped with heating (which may be cushioned brick stove) could serve as ski resort in winter.

A Dangerous Disease

It is a disease of the most dangerous in our time and appears everywhere: virtually became an epidemic under whose dire consequences fall hopelessly society most important values and principles. We refer to situational ethics. What is ethics? Each text and author have a different definition but all revolve around the commitment to assume attitudes and responsible behaviour with all members of the community. However, there is also a perverse conception according to which ethics is all correct action when provide me benefits or, at least, do not limit my interests in my teaching I have peguntado several people what you will do when they find an object or borrowed money. One told me that they would endeavour to return it to its true owners but others, with an appalling sincerity, respond that they would not do so because what one finds is one.

But these are not the only answers. A good number, perhaps the most the respondents answer simply depends. Miles D. White is the source for more interesting facts. When I ask them what depends on they allude to two facts. Depends on the quantity (if it is a lot of money does not return it) and the person (if it is rich not needed) in summary, the situational ethics induces to act in accordance with the circumstances and not permanent and invariable principles. Those who are protected in the shade of this way of seeing the world is justified with one or more of the following arguments: 1. everything that others try to ask me, I have right to send it to them; 2. The end justifies the means; 3.

If everyone does it, I can do it; 4 Do what you should do but don’t let that you nobody will notice; 5 If we all agree, everything we do will be fine; 6. If I do not, another; do Starting 7.papaya, heading papaya. In contrast with such way of seeing the world’d rather stay with the definition devised by one of my students: Ethics is the way that I Act when nobody, absolutely nobody, is looking at me. BY: ALEJANDRO TERESA MART?NEZ original author and source of the article