Aspergers Syndrome

The syndrome of Asperger is recognized before the doisprimeiros years of life of the child, presents greater specific and bizarros occurrence in the sexomasculino, is characterized by intelligence above of normality, deficit nasociabilidade, interests for calculation, astrology, physics, chemistry etc. the syndrome of Rett occurs preferential in the sexofeminino, being recognized between 5 and 30 months and presenting marked dficitno development, with deceleration of the craniano growth, intelectualmarcado retardation and strong association with convulsive pictures. The autsticos symptoms can are on to an emotional reply atrauma, that is, ahead of a traumatic situation, as accident, sexual violence, death, illness, amputation etc., the child or even though oadulto, can develop symptoms autstico as a reaction to this trauma, mascom treatment these symptoms is cured. Mello (2001) describes that it is to comumobservar through the story of the parents who after a familiar event, illness, atmesmo the birth of another son, the child to start to present regressions noseu behavior. The treatment of the syndrome of the autismo is complex, centering emuma medicamentosa boarding destined the symptom-target reduction, representadosprincipalmente for agitation, aggressiveness and irritability, that hinder oencaminhamento patient them the programs of stimulation and educational therapeutical eintervenes.

Therefore, the more precocious the diagnosis best. Method TEACCH, the system of communication through trocasde figures analyze and it applied of the behavior are the most usual forms deinterveno Treatment and education for autistas children and with riots correlatos dacomunicao had been developed to organize the physical environment through darotina and to facilitate to the understanding and the adaptation of the child, promoting a maiorindependncia. The applied analysis of the behavior aims at to teach to the crianahabilidades that it does not possess through stimulatons and reinforcings, that tambmpermitiram its bigger learning and independence. The system of comunicaoatravs of exchanges of figures to aim at to help the child if to communicate through decartes with figures and to organize its verbal language. The autistas family of the individual if sees front to the necessity eao challenge to adjust its plans, its expectations and its daily one, naadaptao of the member that possesss limitations and necessities you specify, comoacredita. The characteristics of the syndrome affect the physical conditions and mentaisdo subject, what it increases its> demand for cares and, thus its level dedependncia donates parents and/or of the cuidadores.

This situation can constitute umestressor in potential for familiar, therefore oacompanhamento of this family is importantssimo also. The infantile autismo is a picture of extreme complexity queexige that boardings to multidiscipline, as psycotherapy, fonoaudiologia, equoterapia, musicoterapia and others that aim at to the educational question and dasocializao, the medical question and the attempt to establish well definite, passveis clinical etiologies equadros of necessary prognostics, but, mainly, in the therapeutical question of the syndrome. The bases of it tratamentoenvolvem educational techniques of behavior change, programs and aanalise functional of the behavior, that comes presenting good results nareabilitao of autistas children.