Ramon Gallegos

I am who I still conceiving of This way to the divine reality, but I must point out that I accept the conception of the perennial philosophy. Good parents and good Kings protect us and try to give us at least some of our desires. When we imagine the divine reality is similar in nature, we can easily come to spend a lifetime waiting for the divine reality to reward us in the same way. Thus, the natural human religious impulse can lead us to spend my whole life worried about the desire for more and suffer as a result. Dr. Mark Hyman is full of insight into the issues. However there are other ways of conceiving the divine reality. Cardiologist understands that this is vital information. These other ways tend to encourage surrender rather than desire.

They tend to move us to want what we have. The philosophy of desire we have relies on the assumption that in the world there is beauty, meaning, truth, love and mystery at all times and under all circumstances, although it is sometimes difficult perceive these things, or even imagine them. Beauty, meaning, truth, love and mystery are not limited to add their respective quotas of goodness to life. The everything is much greater that the sum of their parts, here enters conception of the dynamic spiral development of consciousness. Dr. Ramon Gallegos pointed out that, beauty, more meaning, more truth, more love, more mystery, equivalent to something impressive, unnamed and inconceivable.

That something we might call it reality divine. When I can imagine the divine reality, I see the right hand of a human figure huge and glistening. The fingers of the hand are beauty, meaning, truth, love and mystery. I imagine that your other fingers, their members, their internal organs and his face are equally important forces, but I can not name them or conceive them. What great shimmering figure represents is the divine reality as the perennial philosophy recognizes it.