Chemical Biology Bacterium

Scientists at the Institute of Chemical Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences conducted research bacteria found in the permafrost. A few years ago at Marble Mountain in Yakutia, biologists have found a special kind of bacteria of the genus Bacillus. After these experiments it was found that this type of bacteria can prolong life. Bacillus how to behave in the human body is not yet known, but now researchers say that Bacteria can prolong life and people. According to scientists, a feature of this bacterium is that it is, the introduction into the organism of experimental animals, does not cause any of those negative reactions. Conversely, in laboratory mice increases immunity and stops the process of tissue death. When similar studies will be carried out on humans is still unknown. However, Siberian scientists believe their research in the future really will help extend the life of the people. Perhaps in the future 'bacterium longevity' is a popular tool for .


Feline Irritable bowel syndrome is often confused with inflammatory bowel disease. Since the latter is an illness much worse than the old owners, many pets are in panic. However, the cat lovers must realize that the feline irritable bowel syndrome is not really as bad as inflammatory bowel disease. Irritable bowel syndrome is a functional disorder. This means that there is nothing wrong with the anatomy of your cat, but there is something wrong with the way that works. This is often regarded as psychosomatic, which means that it is affected by the mind of your pet. Therefore, a way to treat the symptoms of feline irritable bowel syndrome is to instill the right mindset in your cat.

Feline irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by a sudden change in the frequency of the feces of a cat. Cat defecates more frequently than normal or could be less than usual. It is also characterized by diarrhea or constipation. Another symptom of this disease is abdominal pain. If your pet seems to have abdominal pain along with other symptoms, your cat may have feline irritable bowel disease. There are several types of treatments for feline irritable bowel disease: 1) less stress, feline irritable bowel syndrome can be aggravated by stress.

Because of this, a common Council for people who have cats suffering from feline irritable bowel syndrome, is trying to find the source of stress for their cats. Then pinpoint the causative factors of stress on your pets, owners should try to eliminate this factor and find the place so that your pets are in a situation where you feel comfortable. There are also certain types of medications that you can give to your cat to help reduce your anxiety. This will greatly help produce relief of symptoms of feline irritable bowel syndrome. To do this, have to try and see the environment through the perspective of your cat. Something that is not so stressful can cause anxiety for your cat. Something as simple as a new carpet can trigger symptoms of feline irritable bowel syndrome. (2) One feline other trigger irritable bowel syndrome proper diet is the food. Eat the wrong type of foods can worsen the symptoms of feline irritable bowel syndrome. Proper diet for feline irritable bowel syndrome depends on the symptoms of your cat. Some cats may have diarrhea as a symptom of feline irritable bowel syndrome. In such cases, it is important to find foods that stop it. This means that you have to find foods that help the stools of your dog to be normal. Of course, otherwise necessary, if your cat is suffering from constipation. (3) large amounts of water a cat suffering from feline irritable bowel syndrome, need a lot of water. This is used in order to assist in the cleaning of the stomach and in the stabilization of the digestive process. You should encourage your cat to drink more than its container. (4) Supplements – feeding a cat with feline irritable bowel syndrome, is something that the owner must take into account to give the correct amounts of insoluble fiber. This is the purpose of stabilizing the digestive process of cats. Soluble fiber can be purchased in the form of a powder that can be mixed into the food for your cat. There are also different types of pet food containing a high percentage of soluble fiber.

Gastric Bypass & Children Who Are Overweight

Women who are obese and undergo a weight reduction procedure like gastric bypass may not only improve their health and quality of life, but that would decrease the likelihood that their children suffer from obesity. A study published in December 2006 in the journal Pedriatrics, says that obese women who had gastric bypass surgery before her pregnancy, with this have prevented their children from developing obesity. This study found that in these women, the risk that their children were overweight dropped by 52% and none of them had babies with low birth weight. The latter is important because the gastric bypass carries a risk of causing a low nutrition. Surgery, also known as, is used to help morbidly obese people lose weight. Although this surgery has several variants, the basic procedure includes stapling a large portion of the stomach and the bowel together again at the lower left. Because decreases stomach capacity, patients are unable to eat too much food and feel satisfied a lot quicker. It is also important to mention that it is necessary to wait at least 18 months after gastric bypass surgery to get pregnant, because during the first months after surgery the patient loses large amounts of weight and this could be harmful to the baby . After 18 months the open weight loss decreased and the patient may be able to look pregnant. Remember, every patient is different and unique, check with your doctor and determine which of the bariatric surgery is your best choice, also the determine when is the ideal time to start looking for a pregnancy.