Solving Obesity

Number of people who are overweight is growing every day. You can say that the problem of obesity – a staple of the modern world. In some countries (USA, Russia), the problem of obesity has enormous scale. Overweight is a matter not only affected by the disease, but the state. It is sad, but true. Serious illness of various body systems may be caused by being overweight. In severe cases, obesity can lead to death.

High blood pressure, heart disease and vascular unpleasant sensations in the gastrointestinal tract – these are diseases that afflict people suffering from obesity. Here shows not the entire list of possible diseases at the problems with obesity. At least a quarter of the population of the Russian Federation addressed to doctors complaining of being overweight, while in the U.S., the number of people with excess weight is almost 30% of its total population. However, the problem of obesity is quite common in European countries. Due to constant mass marketed "ideal" of beauty, which is used in the modeling industry, many women faced a number of more serious problems.

No need to just accept we all now know the phrase "Beauty requires sacrifice", because these victims do not bring nothing but loss of health. For example, to such victims can be include check for yourself the effect of the use of modern techniques for weight loss and detoxification of various systems. Surely every woman tried to lose weight by dieting, which, according to the advertisement, give great results. First of all, overweight – is a consequence of laziness and lack of mobile lifestyle. However, apart from physical exercise to maintain normal body weight and must monitor their diet. Today, hardly anyone can afford to lead an active lifestyle. In addition, to maintain normal body weight should be given due attention to nutrition. If you decide to lose weight, it should be borne in mind that the restoration of normal weight require you to max effort for a long time. Consultation will help you to choose a diet that will bring the desired result and will not cause harm to your health, as many popular diet to no avail. For those who enjoy diets need to know that the wrong diet can trigger the development of diseases. It is also possible aggravation of existing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver.

Taking Your Own Blood Pressure

How often should measure blood pressure at home? For an initial assessment of hypertension and assess the impact of antihypertensive medications blood pressure at home should be measured for at least 3, and preferably 7 days. Daily blood pressure measurements should be conducted in the morning (immediately after waking and before taking this medication in the treatment) and in the evening. In each case, the re- measurement should be carried out 1 minute later. The average value of all measurements should be calculated after discarding the first day of measurement. This 7-day schedule should be followed prior to each subsequent visit to the doctor. With long-term observations it is advisable to measure home less often. Measurement in stressful conditions may be misleading and should be avoided (see the interpretation of measurements of blood pressure).

Should avoid excessive use of home blood pressure monitor for self-change treatment (to take additional tablets or change the dose). The results should be recorded in the log immediately after each measurement, except when the unit is stored in the memory of the values of blood pressure with the date and time of each measurement, or has built-in data transmission. What standards blood pressure measurement at home? As mentioned above, repeated measurements over several days should be averaged to get a reliable picture of the level of blood pressure at home conditions. The mean systolic blood pressure below 130 mm Hg and diastolic below 80 mm Hg considered a normal home blood pressure, and systolic blood pressure 135 mm Hg and above and / or diastolic 85 mm Hg and higher – higher home blood pressure. The interpretation of measurements of blood pressure average of several measurements of blood pressure at home for a few days adds dimension to the study doctor and helps the doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

Values of home blood pressure measurements may differ significantly from measurement to measurement. Blood pressure can be quite high, especially when stressful situations, panic, severe pain, etc., or low, for example, after a long rest or after intense exercise. 'Disposable' measurements have little value and can not give an idea of 'Normal' level of home blood pressure. High blood pressure in one dimension should not cause alarm, except in cases where very high values persist after an adequate period of rest or accompanied by severe symptoms (such as shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness in an arm or leg, difficulty in speech). Increased self-blood pressure at home not in itself an indication for treatment. The doctor will recommend you when and what treatment is indicated. In some cases, self-measured blood pressure at home may be significantly lower than the results of measurements obtained at the doctor's office. This phenomenon is not uncommon, and is known as 'white coat hypertension'. On the other hand, in some cases, blood pressure may be low in doctor's office, while the self-measured blood pressure in home high (latent hypertension). These situations require careful medical evaluation. May require additional research and re-monitoring of blood pressure at home or in outpatient conditions for 24 hours in order to decide on the need for treatment.