The company SERVICE PLUS PRINT was established in 1999 in the field of flexo printing to meet the growing demand for quality consumables termomaterialy Retail (labels, stickers). In 2000 it was decided strategic decision to increase the range of services through printed materials marking purposes (for example, labels for scales), and forms a strict accounting (tickets). Leadership development positions in the two markets have strengthened the company’s confidence in the possibility to find their place in the manufacture of adhesive labels of the highest complexity, large amounts of which are printed are still abroad. People such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. would likely agree. Today SERVICE PLUS PRINT, possessing powerful modern industrial base, offers the following flexography: – self-adhesive labels, stickers, labels for various industries; – marking Self-adhesive labels, thermal labels, thermal receipts – print tickets, forms termobiletov and strict accounting for automated systems. In addition, a few years years, we print the tickets and for termobilety cinemas, theaters, stadiums, concert halls, we have mastered the production of boarding passes and baggage tags, all the relevant specifications IATA.

We offer manufacturing of transport containers and labels marking of goods – with specially selected characteristics of using such labels. In addition, we are doing: – tags and labels on the cardboard and thermal board – labels and stickers from various materials special applications – ‘Dry’ labels manufactured flexographic method.